Paws for Life

I wanted to get back into the habit of providing updates on our current partner animal rescues and, without further ado, part of the proceeds from your purchases will be donated to...

Paws for Life Animal Rescue in Troy, MI!

paws for life

Paws for Life is a non-profit animal rescue organization made up by a network of dedicated volunteers and foster care homes. They also provide resources to numerous local and national humane campaigns, such as End Dogfighting, Community Cat TNR and Eliminating Puppy Mills, as well as participation in community and national Disaster Animal Response Teams. Their main goal is a simple one; to be a driving force, leader and champion for animal welfare in Michigan.

The reason I chose this particular shelter is a personal one...


Paws for Life brought this literal angel into my life and I'm so grateful!

The last bit of news is that they recently announced plans to expand their rescue network and build an adoption center for their homeless cats and dogs! We're so excited for them and want to help in any way we can. That is why part of our proceeds, from now until the end of 2017, will be donated to their rescue.

You can learn more about Paws for Life (and view their adoptable pets) on their website and Facebook page. 

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Since we started selling our new and improved collection in the beginning of December, we decided to pick an extra special shelter to donate to at the end of the month. And we chose...

The Last Chance Rescue in Howell, Michigan!

This rescue came to our attention a while ago, and was put on the list of all the shelters that we planned to donate to in 2017. They are an incredible non-profit organization, which rescues dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits from certain death at the hands of kill shelters and research lists. They have rescued over 27 thousand animals 17 years. They embody every trait we look for in a Rescue Partner and we had hoped to donate to them over one of our regular 4 month donation periods. But they need our help now!

The Last Chance Rescue is "in jeopardy due to a failed septic field and the necessity to hook into the sewer system". If they are unable to raise $50k by February 1st, 2017, they will be forced to close their doors. If they are able to reach their goal, they can keep their kennels open and any remaining funds will be used to provide improvements to the shelter and medical care for the animals. If they are unsuccessful in meeting their goal, the money raised will go towards transporting and relocating the animals to avoid euthanasia.

We will be donating a portion of our profits from December 2016 and January 2017 directly to the shelter in an effort to keep them open. You can help by purchasing any of the products on our site or donating directly to their GO FUND ME page. This is our chance to make a difference.

Last Day Dog Rescue

New year, new rescue! We're happy to announce that our new partner animal rescue is the Last Day Dog Rescue.

LDDR is an independently funded, no-kill animal rescue, based in Livonia, Michigan. This organization has made it their mission to "reduce the number of homeless and euthanized pets by rescuing dogs and cats whose lives and/or well-being are at risk". They've saved countless cats and dogs facing extermination solely because of their breed, size, disabilities and/or shelter overcrowding. The stray dog epidemic in Detroit alone leads to a staggering 90% of the city's stray dogs being euthanized, no matter their health or temperament. Organizations like the Last Day Dog Rescue give animals in this situation a second chance at life. As their name suggests, the pets they care for are often saved from the brink of death. LDDR focuses on rescuing animals from the "Urgent" list in high-kill shelters across the nation. By several state laws, Michigan included, pets at these types of shelters have one short week to be claimed by an owner before they are condemned to euthanization, crowded gas chambers or being sold to labs for research. The need for heroes like the Last Day Dog Rescue is at an all time high, for nearly half of all shelter pets in America are being euthanized on a daily basis.

Last Day Dog Rescue is not a physical shelter, but something much larger than that. They are an entirely volunteer based network of foster homes throughout the state of Michigan. This means that all of their dogs and cats are cared for in loving foster homes, learning trust and socialization skills, and awaiting a more permanent family to call their own. You can browse the pets they have available for adoption on their website and at the numerous adoption events they participate in. Finding your perfect pet match has never been easier! LDDR also has programs that match up senior dogs and hard-to-place animals with senior citizen and veteran owners, respectively. How cool is that?

                 Hart, a beautiful female Labrador Retriever / Rottweiler mix

Adopting around 1,000 pets a year is no small feat. LDDR is constantly in need of volunteers, foster homes and donations to aid their cause and we're here to help! 10% of the profits from your purchases will be donated directly to the Last Day Dog Rescue from now until June 2016. To find out more about the pets they house and how you can help, visit them at here.