Michigan Animal Rescue League

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We are so proud to announce our first 10% partner on our new website will be one not too far from our own HQ. The Michigan Animal Rescue League is an independent animal shelter located in Pontiac, Michigan. They offer refuge to a diverse group of pets from baby kittens to senior dogs, all of whom are looking for a home and some humans to spend the rest of their lives with. These people are truly in the business of saving lives. Unlike other facilities, MARL provides a safe haven for the animals they rescue, whether it be for a couple weeks, months or the remainder of their nine lives. They do not euthanize animals except when injury, disease or temperament make other options impossible. This means that they house many long-term residents. For someone like myself who is unable to adopt a pet, it puts my mind at ease knowing that there are places like MARL who are doing their best to give each and every one of their animals a second chance. Although they make caring for all of these animals seem easy, MARL is still an independent facility and deserves all the help that it can get. From now until September 2015, we will donate 10% of all the profits from the items you purchase directly to the Michigan Animal Rescue League.


Welcoming. If I could use only one word to describe my experience at the Michigan Animal Rescue League it would be "welcoming". Luckily, this is my blog and I can use many more words to tell you exactly why that is. The staff members were extremely hospitable, introducing us to all the four-legged characters that called the shelter "home" and inviting us to accompany them as they took various dogs outside to play, so that we could take pictures. Mind you, this kindness was shown even before they knew we were planning on donating to them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Meeko, the Chihuahua

The animals themselves were equally as friendly. Every single puppy dog greeted you as enthusiastically as if you were their owner returning from a long day at work. Each tiny kitten used their entire body's strength to dance around you in the play rooms. Several of the other cats pushed their heads and paws up against their glass doors, singing "hellos" and "goodbyes", as humans passed. I think it's safe to assume that the kind temperament of all the animals is a direct result of the kindness they are handled with on a daily basis.
Now on to the best part. The animals.


Milkshake (left), Soda (middle) and Whip (right)

There isn't any way that whatever you're doing right now wouldn't be exponentially better with one of these little guys crawling on you. 

Whip, a 2 month old, Siamese mix

Soda, the hetero-chromatic cutie

Seriously. If you're not fawning right now, I regret to inform you that you're missing a soul.

Kia, a 3-month-old mackerel tabby.

Kia is the sweetest little girl and the last of her litter. Her brother got adopted while we were at the shelter, leaving the poor baby alone. Kia has a gentle demeanor and a gorgeous mackerel fur coat.

Symphony, a 7-year-old long hair domestic snugglebutt

Symphony was very calm compared to her little kitty counterparts. She loves attention and would be a very loving addition to any home!


It's a dream of mine to sit outside on a nice summer day while friendly people bring out puppy after puppy for me to play with. That dream was realized during my visit to the Michigan Animal Rescue League. Respect.

Lady, a 9-year-old mini-Alaskan Eskimo/ Lab mix

THE SWEETEST GIRL EVER. From the second we walked into the room, she had one mission and one mission only. To steal all the cuddles. We couldn't even get a picture with her alone. Her former owners could no longer take care of her and she's just waiting to unleash all of her love on a family worthy of all of this cuteness.

Charlie, an 8-year-old beagle

Charlie is another lover. He was so excited to come outside and play in the fresh air, but came right out over when we called his name. He'd be the perfect lap dog to keep you company while you eat, sleep or laze around with inordinate amounts of Netflix.

A lovely staff member shares treats and kisses
Brenda and Legolas, two 2-year-old Basenji mixes

It was almost impossible to get a picture of this dynamic duo, they were so happy to be able to play outside! And just look at how excited they were to see their favorite staff member! Both of these pups have been at the shelter for over a year now and deserve to have a home in which they can run and play freely. Once they warm up to you, both dogs can transition seamlessly between being the perfect play pal to the lazy lap dog of your dreams.

Ignore my goofy smile and take a gander at Brenda's adorable mug
She looks so done with our incessant picture taking.

Brother Legolas was never far behind

Manny, a 5-year-old Manchester Terrier mix
Manny was a little shy until we offered him a token of our affection (a squeaky toy). He's a spunky little guy who loves to explore. Come meet your new adventure buddy today! 

Saying hello to his neighbor

The Michigan Animal Rescue League is one of the best shelters I've ever been to but it still doesn't compare to a forever home. Each one of these glorious creatures deserves to find a caring family and you can help make that happen. Purchase one of our products to make a contribution or simply spread the word. To find out more about the Michigan Animal Rescue League or donate directly visit

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