New Beginnings Animal Rescue

We're happy to announce that our new partner shelter is none other than the New Beginnings Animal Rescue in Royal Oak, Michigan!

Something I'm coming to realize is that each individual shelter has its own unique personality. New Beginnings really does put forth the extra effort to try and provide a home-like environment for their four-legged residents. Simple touches like pastel painted walls, cat shelves on every corner and the abundance of toys and trinkets destroy the stereotype of cold, cage-ridden shelters.

 When you're a cat, everything and everyone is a toy.

The feeling of comfort transcends through the volunteers, who come in to care for the animals on their own time, as well. Dressed in their own casual clothing and relaxed demeanors, New Beginnings appears to be a refuge for human beings as well. It's a place you could imagine going to after a long day at work or school, and enjoy playing with and caring for the animals. After all, who doesn't love some good old-fashioned pet therapy? Volunteering at New Beginnings would be a wonderful way to spend your days, especially if you're unable to adopt, and you can learn more about it here.


In a country where nearly half of all shelter pets are euthanized, no-kill shelters remain a beacon of hope for homeless animals in America. New Beginnings epitomizes this concept by not only being filled to the brim with loving animals, but loving foster humans as well. Their network of dedicated staff and volunteers spreads far beyond the brightly colored walls of the rescue and throughout southeast Michigan.

At only 12 weeks old, Pearl was the friendliest kitty and the first to greet us!

New Beginnings is connected to numerous foster families in Oakland County. And in this case, out of sight does not mean out of mind. Although they are temporarily residing in loving homes, these dogs and cats are just as desperately in need of more permanent ones. New Beginnings regularly hosts adoption events where you can meet all of these animals and you can find one near you here.

Times are tough and one of the main reason families are forced to give up their beloved pets is because they can no longer afford to feed them. NBAR is an exemplary rescue because it not only provides amazing care for the animals currently in their custody, but they are also fighting to keep families, who are struggling to properly feed their pets, together. The shelter provides a pet food pantry to families who have hit a rough patch and need a little extra help feeding their furry family members. But this pantry depends on monetary and food donations from the kind people who can afford to do so. Help us help this incredible shelter by purchasing any of our products, or making a direct contribution yourself!

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