Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, which is native to Australia. It is used in some of our lotion bars, Hair Potion, Miracle Toner and scrubs because of its powerful healing qualities.

Tree tree oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and is used in widely in the treatment of acne, wounds, psoriasis and other skin diseases. Similarly, it is used to reduce inflammation and sooth acne + insect bites.

When added to your bath, in the form of our Detox Baths, tea tree oil can help your respiratory system and ease congestion, coughing, bronchitis and common colds.

When applied to the scalp, tea tree oil reduces flakiness and dandruff. It stimulates collagen production, allowing your hair to grow back faster and stronger.

Our tea tree oil is organically grown and ethically sourced.